A good replica watches Corum Admirals Cup Challenge 48 Black Flag.

I do not update my blog for a long time, because I’m busy recently. However, I am going to write an article of a replica watches Corum Admiral’s Cup Black Flag 48 Challenge, which I do not present before.

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Maybe someone does not know anything about Corum, so I’ll talk about Corum’s background first. This is a sporty watch, which features a 12-sided watch case. Corum Admiral’s Cup is the most famous and classic series of Corum, and its name comes from a famous international regatta. For the original Corum Admiral ‘s Cup Challenge 48 Black Flag, it is made of titanium and the diameter is 48mm.

I think you should know something about Corum after I talked about the background of Corum Admiral ‘s Cup Challenge 48 Black Flag, but what I mean more is a replica Corum Admiral’ s Cup Challenge 48 Black Flag, which is the best replica Corum watch that has ever been made. The case of the watch has exactly the same construction as the original, because it is well replicated according to the real watch, so it is difficult to differentiate from the original.

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The weight is almost identical to the original, because the Corum replica watch is made of solid titanium, more importantly, the watch case can prevent the watch from scratching. The dial is black and has the correct information, blue hour markers and hands that are coated with blue lume materials.

The date window is set to 4:30 pm, and you can adjust the date by pressing the button at 10 o’clock. The strap is made of rubber material, which is dustproof, so if you wear the watch for a long time, it is always clean. Look at the watch case of this replica watches Corum Admiral ‘s Cup Challenge 48 Black Flag, the logo is three dimensional, and the clasp is also of superior quality, and the good depth “CORUM” is well engraved on the clasp, so you can feel it clearly by touching.

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It works with precision and is stable because it is equipped with Asian Valjoux 7750 movement. Totally, it’s a good sports watch, if you want a sports watch, I recommend this watch Corum.