Second time to introduce a good replica watch Omega.

Today I would like to talk about a replica watch Omega, because I don’t talk about it for a long time. Omega Seamaster is one of the best-seller watches among the luxury watches. As the original Omega Seamaster watch is really expensive, many people prefer to buy replica watches luxury Omega Seamaster in the replica watches market or online, because the price is reasonable and the quality is superb. You will feel it heavy and good on your wrist, because the watch case and strap are made of solid 316 stainless steel.

This replca watch Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is almost same as the original one, because the manufacturer bought an original Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean to dissect and copy its parts, I think normal people won’t tell the difference when they look at it carefully, so you don’t need to worry that it is easy to be recognized that it is a replica watch Omega Seamaster.

Each detail on the dial and bezel are very well made. There are steel 6-9-12 numeral hour markers embossed on the black dial, and the Omega logo is correctly positionized. The dial also presents two different superlume, blue superlume are on hour markers and needles, green superlume are on the pearl of the bezel.

The watch glass is made of sapphire crystal which is swiss level, and it features AR coating which is like the original one. If you look at it in a certain angle, you will see the purple reflection. This kind of sapphire crystal is only used on replica watches with top quality, besidies, the glass of the watch caseback is also made of sapphire crystal, and you can see the movement clearly.

The movement of this replica watch Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is copied on the basis of Miyota 8205 automatic movement, which is 21 jewel. Actually, the manufacture has updated this watch several times in order to get a perfect watch, and this replica watch is the ultimate one.

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Discuss replica watches Omega Seamaster Special Edition

As we know, original Omega watches are sold well around the word, for replica watches Omega, they are also sold well in the replica watches market, the amount of sales is next to Rolex and Panerai. Now I would like to talk about an replica watches Omega Seamaster and this is an Emirares Team New Zealand Special Edition, the watch is exactly copied according to the original.

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In fact, I do not like the style of this replica watch Omega a lot, because the dial has a lot of details, but with a black rubber strap, however, different person has a different taste because it is full of ocean style, it is suitable for people who love sailing and other activities Diving. When you wear this watch, you will feel heavy on your wrist and you will be surprised by the weight that is almost identical to the original. What I love most is the best color combination of this replica watches Omega (red and black), the rubber strap and the polishing watch case give you a great comfortable feeling when wearing on the wrist.

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The bezel is not as practical as Rolex tooth bezel to work, especially when wearing a pair of glooves, but these wave-style flutes completely meet the ocean-style of this replica watch Omega. Although the dial has so many display elements, the layout is very reasonable, black, red and the dial lume allow you to read the time at an immediate glance. White Omega print logo at 12, the red “Seamaster” tells you the model, the big central hand chronograph is in red color, the little used hand on the dial at 9 o’clock is in white, by the way, the dial at 3 o’clock is wrong, it has no function. The dial has two different colors lume, green and blue, but both are strong.

Speaking of movement, this is the most important part of this replica watch Omega Seamaster, and it is modified from a newly enhanced 7750 Asian automatic movement, beats to 28800vph and has 25 jewels, and more importantly It is that the movement has nikle plating on the plates and auto rotor just decorated with the appearance of the original Omega 3300 caliber.

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The sapphire crystal is also the other selling point for making this replica watches Omega Seamaster with superior quality, and it uses A +++ grade sapphire crystal, which features AR coating with a purplish hue correct as the Original Omega, it’s the best sapphire I’ve ever seen on these replica watches. To find more improvements, you can only buy it to observe and feel what quality is.